“AIM” – Accomplishment is Magnetic

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AIM” – Accomplishment is Magnetic 
Create and manifest your Vision for Life

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global


This is a 7 session Coaching Program specially designed for people who are looking forward to achieve their goals in Life. This methodical program is a step by step process which not only helps an individual to set up an AIM in Life but also to achieve it. Each session will transform you to build Commitment towards your goal, move from Limitation towards Excellence and help achieve your desired goal.
It will unfold new possibilities, break unproductive patterns and be an ACHIEVER.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: It’s an honour to share few words as a Testimony for someone who has been on a relentless path of making soulful journeys. Ms.Dasgupta truly sets an example I get to LIVE every time I meet her to what she practices – preach – Learn & exhales to her outer world one should consciously practice as a way of LIVING & that is: LOVE – COMPASSION- SELF AWARNESS- SELF FORGIVENESS- REACH to our CORE understand why we are on this journey called LIFE

I am left with SELF as BEING a HUMAN in whole while we all have to deal with adversities that LIFE has to present to us in all forms.
The Biggest learning I carry in all my walks of life is- We are who we are & we have to do it ourselves while people will walk in & walk out AM I being the BEST version of myself when I look in PRESENT & while I will be compelled to Look Back .
Vishal Pardessi
Account Director SAMSUNG India- Training & Development

Client 2:
Sangeeta Dasgupta is an amazing trainer, effective coach, assuring healer and above all a wonderful person. Her experience helps her to drive home the learning and change in a way that is smooth and unique. There is so much to learn from her and the best part is that she is ready to help, anytime! Call it her dedication, passion, professionalism or sincerity; she has what it takes to be the best in the industry. It has been a pleasure knowing her.
Sanghamitra Chakravarty
Freelance Training Consultant

Client 3: I went to Sangeeta when I was going through a lot of emotional turbulence in my personal life and had already tried various options like visiting psychologists and psychiatrists but it hadn’t helped me much.
However the sessions we had, dealt with my problems at grass root level and get over them gradually. Also she helped me discover my own strengths through Best Life NLP tools and techniques .Her approach towards her clients is very friendly and non judgemental which helped me open up with her very easily and look for solutions of my problems. Overall I would say a wonderful experience which helps you discover the strength within you to solve your own problems.
Deepika Chhabbra
Senior Analyst ( Evalueserve )

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Vishal was a zealous corporate professional in a leading Multinational with an AIM in life to make it BIG but his monotonous work profile and long hours made him feel low. He had big plans for his Life both in personal and professional arenas but he felt blocks in moving ahead. His energy was getting low day after day and inner resistance was growing but he still had a spark of hope left .
When he approached for the coaching session he was very willing to change for the better and achieve his dreams.

This coaching program with BestLife NLP tools helped him find the barriers , explore options ,make best use of opportunities and unfold his true potential by finding the solutions from within .The InnerShift happened in one of the sessions as an “AHA “moment and gave him a fresh lease of life by making him a happy soul .
Now he says that we all have adversities in our life because we are humans but we have to learn it ourselves and achieve our Vision for Life.

He is now leading a fulfilling life promoted as an Account Director with constant appraisals .He plays golf, goes to the Gym, goes on adventure trips, laughs, shares and lives his life to the fullest.

How do I, as a coach work?

  • Set Goals, builds Commitment and tracks progress
  • Use Well-structured BestLife NLP Coaching Tools
  • Apply InnerMost Shift coaching model for step by step approach
  • Elicit identify internal structure of subjective experience.
  • Reframe mental images, dialogue and shift feelings
  • Use IC PROBE GAP-I framework
  • Identify Priorities, Constraints, Obstacles, Resistance, Barriers and GAPS
  • Experiment with IMSC Tools and Explore to Evolve Options
  • Use the DECODE Coaching Model to help explore New Possibilities
  • Develops a Feedback process to monitor a visible change

How will you benefit as a coachee?

  • Have an AIM or Goal in Life
  • Improvement in individual’s performance, targets and goals.
  • Increased openness to personal learning and development.
  • Increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues.
  • Greater ownership and responsibility.
  • Development of self-awareness.
  • Motivation and Self Expansion
  • Growth in Self Confidence and High Self Esteem

Benefit of signing up
Sign up for this Exclusive 7 week program to Enhance Productivity and Achieve your AIM in Life.

Your Brief profile
Sangeeta Dasgupta is a Motivational Coach who has a multifaceted personality. Although a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer she will ask you powerful questions raising Self awareness. She practices as a “Life Enhancement Coach” which means that she will empower you mindfully, challenging your limiting beliefs and helping you to break free. Her deep insights will awaken your consciousness and help recreate a meaningful Life.
Her Vision for life is Empowering People to take a forward leap in Life to feel Happy, Whole and Complete.


Sangeeta Dasgupta 

Coaching Fee: INR 7700 per hour 

Spiritual, Life, Executive Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner