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Avneet Kaur Chawla

Coaching Fee: INR 5000 per hour

Life, Leadership, Student Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner
I help you to connect to your inner self, bringing lot of awareness. Eliminate stress and tension in your life by bridging the gap between reality and expectation.

Enormous potential lie within you and lots of possibilities are available in life but it gets wasted by underlying fears and insecurities. Will help you to overcome the obstacles and bring the new you with lots of confidence and courage. I Will raise your awareness about yourself which will lead you to better productivity, prosperity and abundance.
Will keep you focus about your needs and want are which will give you lot of clarity in making decision and achieving your goals.

Word about myself
I am a MBA (Marketing and Operations) with a PG Diploma in HR. I have lead teams of Insurance executives at a very young age and have been the youngest performer at Metlife India Insurance. After graduating in Jewellery designing and Management, and Gemmology, my journey as an entrepreneur started in 2010. I am an Internationally Certified Pranic healing Trainer, I do consultation and therapy on development of various aspects of life like physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial. I am trained in Non Violence Communication, Crystal healing, Feng Shui, Angel therapy, Bach flowers and Tarot cards. Always spiritually inclined, at a very early age, I quenched my spiritual thirst by exploring Sikhism and spending a lot of time in Gurudwaras doing Seva (service). My journey towards being a coach accelerated after I became a Pranic Healing trainer and my students started gravitating towards me for guidance and coaching. This led to NLP certification and ultimately life coaching.

In my journey, I came across 3 most essential area people want to be coach on

    1. a) Self love ,giving value to yourself
    1. b) Personal and professional relationships
    1. c) Disciplining and accurate perception to reach the goals

I love travelling, exploring different places and people. I love painting and dancing to the rhythm of life. Yoga and morning walk in nature keeps me connected to myself and the environment.

My Coaching Methodology
Trained on InnerMost Shift Coaching Model, I use the IC PROBE GAP framework with BestLife NLP tools to bring about a change in the client

I coach by first listening to the story and the requirement of client. I am trained to raise the awareness of the client which they are not able to address themselves on the requirement. I use a structure programs and tools which help the client to reach out the answers within themselves, which also releases their confusions, dilemma, indecisiveness and brings out lot of focus ,clarity and decision making.

In my journey of life, how selfishness as evolve to self love, is the most beautiful discovery that I have made. This inspires me to spread this understanding of self love to all ,where you connect to your deepest core to great the best answers.

I use IC PROBE GAP framework, BestLife NLP tools and InnerMost Shift Coaching Model. The further detail this ICF approved approach is on www.InnerMostShiftCoach.com

Why do I Coach?
I as a person, have evolved through various aspects of life like work as a trainer, entrepreneur and from personal relationships by using various tools like Pranic healing, Non Violence Communication and NLP which have brought me to the realization of how important it is to value yourself. With all these methods of self development, which have helped me discover new potential within me, I want to guide other people. Hence, transforming them and their life to a happy and cheerful one. I want to guide them to how to bring out the wisdom and confidence from within themselves leading to a prosperous life.

What kind of people I work with?
As a life coach ,I work with people who want to bring the major shift in their life by connecting to their inner self for a happy and prosperous living.

This will help the client to be more confident with good self esteem to overcome the obstacles in any area of their life. I will be coaching them to bring long lasting change and transformation in them. They will have better communication with family and at work, high productivity at work and most important of all self love.

My Life Mantra
Self love heals everything

My Vision
Guide people to connect to them self, to discover their real potential.

My Values

My Favorite Books
Autobiography of a Yogi – by Parmahansa Yogananda
Dangerous Company – by James O’Shea and Charles Madigan
Living with the Himalayan Master – by Swami Rama

My Training Programs
Connect to Yourself – stress free and happy life
Managing difficult bosses
Work life balancing


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Connecting With the Self

Power is within you, you just need to reconnect with it.