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Back to Life 
Freedom from Negative Self Image/Low self -Esteem
Investment – 12 Sessions INR 60000
48000 per Participant

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual
Location: Global


This is a 12-session Coaching program especially designed to gain Freedom from Negative Self Image/Low self-Esteem for executives who were forced by circumstances to move out of job. Get to work, “Get to New Job” is designed to help executives to boost their moral and self-confidence to get new job having moved out all of a sudden due to unpleasant circumstances.
Step by step coaching weekly/fortnightly sessions help them break-free from their negative self-image and create high-esteem self-image, promising thoughts, help them ‘zero on’ right company and job. 12 sessions ‘Get Back to Right Job’, executive coaching program helps break through inner barriers, stress and select right kind of job, achieve a Work-Life life balance.


A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Anil Kakkar is back to New Job executive. He left a promising career after 7 yrs. In Dubai to take care of his father, family and kids. As the circumstances kept AK busy and ailing father ultimately left heavenly abode, 2 years passed. Though enough money at his disposal and ancestral heritage granted to his favors, he lost interest in job.

When he decided to re-start his journey back to the corporate career, he suddenly realized that he is no longer zealous, the same vigorous guy who joined international business unit in Dubai, 9 years before. Going for job interview after such along span, even writing resume or taking a call from the job placement consultant wasn’t easy.
His outlook for life, job and taking up corporate role was changed. But that doesn’t mean that his desire and attitude towards living a routine work life changed.

He was still aspiring and committed to live the best life. But he often battled between his two minds and fragmented choices as what is right and what is not. Once the InnerMost Shift happened during the coaching sessions, his awareness raised and resourcefulness built up, the ting happened. He could stop negative dialogue and raise self image made him chose right profile. He is now having a promising exciting career and life.

How do I, as a coach work? 
Being an InnerMost Shift Coach, I use the proprietary IC PROBE GAP framework to bring the deep level, InnerMost Shift in my clients.

  • As a coach, I always maintain my coaching presence, which is central in a coaching session.
  • Like any ICF ACC certified coach, I maintain all the 11 Core Competencies & follow Ethical guidelines in all my coaching sessions.
  • I begin my sessions with connecting my client to the ability to feel good always, and be the cause to be effective.
  • As I learnt, I also experienced, my clients get much better results once I help them connect with their Inner Knowingness, Inner Wisdom or Inner Guru – the internal sense that lets the client know what is right
  • I use Mastery Level NLP language patterns to release sub-consciously held patterns of my clients.
  • The BestLife NLP tools I use in my sessions have always helped my client get instant results
  • I use systematic tools to raise my client’s awareness to the actual Priorities, Constraints, Obstacles, Resistance, Barriers and Gaps
  • I help my clients raise awareness Reframe mental images, dialogue and shift feelings
    Each session ends with Goal Setting, Actions and Parameters to track Progress, that the client is committed to.

How will you benefit as a coachee?

  • Get mental clarity as to what is your real aspiration, true goal you want to achieve
  • Assess level of Inspiration & Commitment
  • Experience Positive changes, Resourcefulness within you
  • Leave behind the dialogue of excuses and let go of blame
  • Improve your Self Image, Live with Higher Self Esteem
  • Find your relations improving with loved ones

Benefit of signing up
Sign up 12 weekly/fortnightly InnerMost Shift ‘Back to Life’ coaching session to help you Let go of the negative self image, and discover the true you full of courage, confidence, joy and all the immense resources you need and you have to live a better personal & professional life.

My Brief profile
Prosperity as Puja Jhunjhunwala is vibrantly known as and is popular amongst her coaching peers and clients has natural quality to listen, ask powerful questions and raise awareness, yet she has been mentored and coached to take up professional certification and continuously works to enhance her skills to give the very best to her clients.
Being a ‘Productivity and Prosperity’ InnerMost Shift Coach, means that she works with executives, leaders and individuals who aspire to make a quantum jump.


ProsperityCoach Puja

Coaching Fee: INR 10000 per hour 
Executive, Performance, Life Coach

Certified InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified ICF (ACC) Coach
+ Certified NLP Master Practitioner