Be in Control of Your Life

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Be in control of your life

Be the architect of Your Life

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

This program is designed to help people to be in control of their life and also be an architect of life. This helps to build and lead a designed and structured life rather than drifting with flow and allowing yourself to be a passive spectator or a victim. It’s your life and you can take control and lead it the way you want. It is in accordance with the saying “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become”.

It’s a programme consisting of 12 sessions spread across 8 to 12 months. Each session will be of 1 hour to 1 and half hour.

Emphasis of the sessions is on controlling/balancing life rather than life controlling, resulting in unwarranted drift from the Mission/Vision. Many constraints and undesired mind sets are removed to build upon confidence and conviction to excel. Many of us engage ourselves in the mind game not allowing our “self” to overtake the mind, thus falling in the trap of mind controlling us rather than us controlling the mind. Through this creative process I help you to reinvent you… a NEW YOU who emerges with confidence, conviction to lead a life of your choice. The techniques/models used help client to explore and reveal the hidden and explored potential within which lead to excelling in life. I also track and monitor the progress thru measurable metrics for client to see the visible result.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: “The coach was extremely precise and articulated very well in making the points which helped me to look at those aspects of my life which I never thought earlier and brought into my awareness many aspects with a clarity. He also used real life examples/metaphors in explaining the concepts as we discussed and I explored further. The session was extremely insightful and helped me formulate a tangible Vision and Mission, which I would subsequently pursue on putting into action and work towards achieving the same”

Client 2: “Extremely thankful to Mr. Ganesh Kolambakar. I feel happy and confident that I have direction now (defined path). No way can I go off track. The new found enthusiasm, energy, confidence and conviction will definitely help me to succeed and excel in life. Looking forward for next sessions…”

Client 3: “I never thought connecting to inner knowingness has such a power to guide us with knowledge and wisdom from within. I never thought resources within me has such a power to make a meaningful impact on my life. Thanks Mr. Kolambakar for helping me to reveal myself and unfold many aspects of my life.”

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Neeta is an adult of 32 years who tried many things but her career in Interior Designing was yet to take off in terms of settling down with enough money. Career of choice was not taking off. Repeated failures had given the dent to her confidence. There were also clarity issues as to whether to continue to do the same thing or think of some other options. The concerns were causing internal disturbance leading to high stress and depression. Relationships was also an issue. While there were people who had the confidence in her and they felt that she could do, there were also some whose comments and taunting behind the back, which she was subjected to, made her feel humiliated and hurt. She was desperate and felt depressed. She was really needed to do something to prove herself and get rid of the disappointing experiences of life. She met me at the place of one our acquaintances, and it turned out to be life changing experience for her.

By bringing many things into her awareness and by aligning her aspirations to her value system, she has now greater clarity as to what she wants to do in life and also knows way to achieve it. While she is aware that things will not happen overnight, the journey she has set upon now gives her confidence and conviction that she would succeed and excel. She can balance and prioritise many things in life. The renewed confidence and resultant energy within has helped her to multiply her efforts and she also learnt to balance her life. She now no more gets concerned by what other people must be thinking about her. She is focussed and motivated to ensure that her life is shaped & moulded the way she wants.
This all happened through internal journey and by understanding the potential and resources within which were never realized by her till she underwent coaching sessions. The techniques and models used, helped her form a new resolve to excel in life.

How do I, as a coach work
• Client taken through the process of reflecting upon the present state. The client is made to understand as to why he/she does not want the present state the way it is and what’s the desired state he/she wishes to achieve on personal/professional front.
• The gap between present state and desired state is bridged by helping the client to put in place the process to achieve the desired state
• Client is made to understand the limiting beliefs and how they can be banished to form new beliefs as our responses, behaviours and strategies are based on our beliefs.
• Client is made to realize the strengths within and how they can be capitalized upon to excel.
• The techniques and models used make the client aware of a hidden and untapped potential within and tap it for excelling it and for creating distinct and unique identity.
• It helps client to become a whole person by bringing to the fore positive traits and by building upon them further.
• The clients is made aware of skills, technical and behaviourial competencies required and he/she can further build upon them.
• Client is clear and brings in clarity to purpose of life and forms a Vision and Mission and align the same with values/core/essence of living.

How will you benefit as a coachee 
• Coachee would look at various aspects of life which he never looked at earlier and discover new perspectives, form new behaviours and evolve different strategies.
• The realization of new me within would help the client to reset the life and take it on different mode of achieving desired outcome by reinventing.
• The exploration of hidden and untapped potential within will supplement and support efforts to be distinct and unique.
• Client walks with new/renewed confidence and conviction to succeed and excel in life whether it is personal or professional front.
• Newly discovered strengths, resources, enthusiasm, passion and energy within gives tremendous confidence to face challenges.
• I Use Well-structured Best Life NLP Coaching Tools and also Use IC PROBE GAP-I framework
• I also use the best and established training tools to build upon the skills and competencies required.

Benefit of signing up
My networking has helped me to connect to people from various strata and various parts of the country and can be of immense help to balance life and relationships. Benefit of signing me as Coach is as I have vast organizational work of being leader who has handled many teams and aware of internal & external conflicts, motivational and relationship issues. I am aware and can relate to challenges of self-growth and excelling in life.

My Brief profile
• I am based at Mumbai & Pune and can handle clients from both cities.
• Experience and expertise as a proven leader in Corporate (HPCL) who has handled many teams, mentored and coached them
• Also a Trainer – I have an experience and expertise of conduction of workshop on leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Management.
• My mentoring has helped many and they are doing extremely well in life.
• I have undergone many behavioral/technical training programs at HP MDI Pune, St.Xaviers College, Mumbai, IIM Ahmedabad etc.
• NLP and training models that I use immensely help the client.


Ganesh P Kolambakar

Coaching Fee: INR 5000 per hour 

Personal, Executive and Leadership Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner