How Can You Be The Best You Can Be?

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How Can You Be The Best You Can Be? 
Decide the theme based on your need: what you want to achieve, what do you want to overcome?

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global


You may be a working professional / not started working / house wife / having break in career / student / parent / entrepreneur:

Four different modules to choose from ….

  1. Achieve Excellence in Your Career: If you are already doing well in your career and you want to create break-through improvement in your career.
  2. Live Your Dream: Your Choice: If you have an idea about your dream – what do you want to achieve, but somehow you are not able to progress or even start.
  3. Life Of Your Life: Who Am I: You always wanted to achieve high, but you don’t have clear idea about what do you really want & what’s your passion is all about.
  4. Get Back To “You”: The Real “You”: If you feel like you have lost your identity or skill or any kind of loss leading to the feeling of lost something.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: Achieve Excellence in Your Career (Rating 9 out of 10)
A senior executive undergone this module and expressed as “The coaching sessions with Rajinikanth helped me to create path of Excellence in what I’m doing and what I intend to do in future”.

Client 2: Live Your Dream: Your Choice (Rating 10 out of 10)
I was a house wife who was trying to start and run a business of my dream for the last 5 years, but couldn’t do. After undergoing life coaching, I am able to pursue my dream now, happily.

Client 3: Get Back To “You”: The Real “You” (Rating 9 out of 10)
I was not able to able concentrate on my professional work due to a relationship breakup. In the first 2 sessions itself, I came out of the guilt and during further sessions I started getting back my glorious past and started focussing on my goal.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description

Kannan is an engineer, worked in an MNC in a responsible position for more than 10 years. Married and having a kid. One fine day he resigned the job which was a shock to the management and to his boss. Any how he convinced them to relieve him, as he got an offer from abroad. He took this bold step because of his financial commitments. He joined the company in new role & with hefty package.

In a month’s time he got the shocking news that his employment contract along with few others from India got terminated with immediate effect because of some legal issues. No time to rethink what to do, because company has sent them back with the return air tickets immediately.

For almost a month, he couldn’t come out of this shock. He started feeling bad about his decisions and didn’t go out anywhere, but staying in home. Feeling bored and getting frustrated, one fine day one of his close friend suggested him to meet the Innermost shift coach. He reluctantly approached. With very high profile, back ground and experience, his confidence was at very low level and lot of negative thoughts started occupying.

With the help of Best Life NLP tools, in the first 2- 3 sessions he came out of his negative approach and guilt feelings. He started taking-up sessions very positively and was extremely open to the coach and coaching approach. At the of end 3 months’ continuous coaching sessions, lot of changes happened and most importantly he is now working in the same old company. Yes, with the InnerMost shift happened he got the confidence to go back to his boss and explained the situation. Fortunately, the position was still vacant and the management decided to take back him.

How do I, as a coach work?
Following are the major steps and processes to be followed:

  • Listen to the client’s requirements, story, back ground and needs.
  • Use IC PROBE GAP frame work to understand the client.
  • By being curious and non-judgemental listening, establish coaching presence.
  • Establish trust, ensure ethical practices and develop intimacy with the client.
  • Ask powerful questions to raise the awareness level about the present state.
  • Partner with the client to decide the future state.
  • Use Best Life NLP skills and tools to help the client to create the path towards the future state.
  • Create the InnerMost Shift in the client so that past history doesn’t affect.
  • Move the client to take action and set goals.
  • Manage progress and motivate the client and ultimately own the responsibility.

How will you benefit as a coachee?

  • You will find your way to excellence.
  • You will come out of the clutches which were holding you for a long time.
  • You will get the blue print of your dream and ultimately will make it as reality.
  • You will find your passion and start working on it.
  • You will come out of the painful experiences and negative emotions which were obstructing your path to reach your full potential.
  • Ultimately you can be the best YOU can be.

Benefit of signing up
Sign-up for the most urgent and important theme for your current situation. You will see, feel, hear and look yourself “Be The Best that You Can Be”.

Your Brief profile
U. Rajinikanth, Certified InnerMost Shift Coach

Senior learning & development professional with more than 21 years of professional experience, Certified Behavioural Analyst,
skilled in identifying competency gaps, consulting, assessing & managing performance, Coaching executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals who are having dreams and aspirations.

Being InnerMost Shift Coach, extremely passionate towards people development, thereby by facilitating to have paradigm shift in your personal and professional life.


U. Rajinikanth 

Coaching Fee: INR 9000 per hour 

Executive, Leadership, Life Coach

Certified InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified ICF (ACC) Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner