Conquer the fear

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Conquer the fear 
Unshackle from fear and phobia
Investment – 4 Sessions INR 24000
20000 per Participant

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global


My clients come with a diverse set of fear or phobia that they face in work or personal life and they definitely want to get over those for good. I partner with my clients to make them aware of the fact that holding disagreeable experience will only take one back in the time so look forward and let go all the unfortunate circumstances.

I take one issue at a time in each executive session and assist them to overcome the feeling of fear or phobia thereby becoming stronger, handle similar situations more from the front, be more confident, be more productive and be more insightful.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: Personalized, tailored and accurate. The only thing that one needs for the interaction is absolute honesty, Ruma genuinely takes care of the rest. Every coaching session is sharp focused, and there’s an ease which helps resolve problems. I cannot begin to thank Ruma enough for helping me through my guidance points.

Client 2: I went through the session and it helped me so much in life. It helped me to channelize my energy and in the process win over situation. Gives a sense of overall wellness and relaxation. I will definitely recommend it for betterment.

Client 3: I am very grateful to Ruma Chakravarty for being my coach. She is a thorough professional with a very methodical approach towards her work. She used NLP techniques which enabled me to build ny goal. She helped me to focus on the action plans by looking within myself and releasing the past blocks. She has a wonderful presence which helps you to open up and achieve your results. Thanks Ruma for being a supportive coach.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description

Sadhika is a successful media professional who was working in a reputed media firm in Delhi. After her marriage she moved to Mumbai and joined another multinational company. In this job she had to deal with kind of public shaming for a very small mistake. She was just three months old in the company and for smallest of mistakes her immediate boss would call a meeting with everyone in the team and would be using words which professional people in corporate culture do not use. They would be rudely asking for explanations of things that could have been easily resolved by merely discussing. She ultimately left the job after 5 months and now is well placed with another multinational. Now the issue she faces is, the fear from her previous job has started affecting her current job. The fear of making a mistake and its consequence keeps her at the edge and it is affecting her overall performance, her presentation skills, her interaction with her present boss and she is suffering from lack of confidence due to that. Before any meeting, she starts having the fear of the adverse reaction (which actually does not exist in this job) and the whole world collapsing if she could not respond to a query comes to her mind. She came to me for a coaching session and wanted to get rid of a fear that was unwantedly affecting her current job in some areas.

After a few sessions of innermost shift coaching, Sadhika could set herself free from that fear and regain the lost confidence. She bravely handles situations as she is now able to effectively use her inner resources to make herself stronger and deal with the situation as it comes. She even received best employee of the month award for November 2016.

How do I, as a coach work

  1. Use ICF Guidelines while coaching
  2. Understand clients world of thoughts by actively listening to the clients narration and clarifying things if not understood
  3. Employ IC-PROBE GAP coaching Framework to identify constraints, Obstacles, Barriers, Resistances, Resources, Beliefs, Priorities, Goals, Parameters etc.
  4. Use effective and well-designed Best-Life NLP tools to elicit meta programs, beliefs, values etc.
  5. Employ Innermost Shift coaching model for raising inner awareness and for optimum outcome
  6. These tools, techniques and frameworks help client to frame past memory and shift those past visualizations, feelings and auditory experiences (dialogues) effectively
  7. Use IMSC Tools to Explore Options and overcome the past fear or phobia and generate new behaviour
  8. Integrate the new behaviour into client’s inner self (unconscious)
  9. Assess the new behaviour, resourcefulness, positive changes by future pacing the client
  10. Evaluate the future opportunities, benefits that the client can foresee
  11. Set Goals, Actions and Parameters to track Progress
  12. Assess Commitment level for goal setting and action plans,
  13. Request session feedback

How will you benefit as a coachee 

  1. Let go the fear or phobia
  2. Become stronger from inside
  3. Learn to deal with similar situations more from the front
  4. Regain confidence
  5. Become more insightful
  6. Regain productivity
  7. Be more efficiency

Benefit of signing up
Sign up for 4 sessions of ‘Conquer the fear’ coaching sessions to liberate yourself from the fear/phobia you have had and enjoy a new life

My Brief profile
Ruma Chakravarty considers her to be a ‘bird’ from inside who loves to think unconventionally and would go to any length to assist the client to obtain optimum outcome. She has a natural inclination to listen to and comprehend clients’ narrations. She would ask relevant and powerful questions to help her clients become aware of what they actually desire and what their goal is. She has been mentored to take up professional coaching certification and she is Zealous about her coaching. Ruma is an Executive/ Life and Student coach and she works with top to middle executives, individuals and students to assist them in their journey of inner wisdom.


Ruma Chakravarty 

Coaching Fee: INR 6000 per hour 

Executive, Life, Student Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner