Empyreal Coaching Program

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Empyreal Coaching Program 
REVIEW in order to
RESOLVE – Stress, Build Confidence and Difficult Issues

Emp – Empower
Y – Yourself / Youth
Real – To connect with your Real(Inner) Self

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global


As a Wellness Coach I focus on enabling the client whether it is a youth or an adult to empower them to connect with their own real self to resolve all issues. I believe in the principal of the universe that every problem or situation is created by US only and the solution for every problem lies WITHIN US! We only need to understand this and connect with our inner self.

REVIEW model is designed in a manner, which will help client take a review of their own life on different platform of attitudes and emotions experienced internally as well as with other people.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: I had an interesting coaching session with Preeti Pathak. The session helped me realise the hurt and anger I had stored within against my sister in law. Understanding perspective helped me undo the entangled knots in my personal relation.

Client 2: Preeti is an excellent coach and a counsellor. Being a spiritually connected person she shared deeper insight to resolve my problem.

Client 3: Questions though asked were many but they led me to connect and resolve most of my issues which were internal i.e. my thought pattern, which was aligned.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description

Teenage students have a lot going in their mind wrt all that they capture from the society and community around as well as an understanding processed and established in their mind internally. An 11th grader client was caught in the vicious circle of cyclic pattern soon began to feel as though she was caught in the web of a spider trying to balance friends, studies, extra curricular activities and home.

Emotional breakdown became a frequent phenomenon and soon she found herself in a victim mode.

She took 3 session to resolve this issue. In the first session she spoke of all the problems, defects and trouble she was experiencing. We made a list of all that what led to her good mood and bad mood. Then the client identified the reason for these moods. It was a big list with several issues to be tackled.

Following IC PROBE framework and IC GAP the teenage client by the third session started getting clarity. Connecting with her Inner Knowingness she realised that she was insecure of being left out by her newly made friends if she didn’t meet them everyday or whenever they called. Fatigue and academic stress getting build led to a domino effect with ripples on other areas of her life.

Anchoring her with her Aha moment brought back a smile on the face of this young adult.

How do I, as a coach work
As a Wellness coach I listen to my clients. I help them bring a transformation within themselves by taking a stock of their relationships, personality and behavioural pattern, values, belief system and willingness quotient following the REVIEW model.

The USP of this model is to help clients connect with their subtle favourable attitudes and inner child / knowingness in order to resolve stress, difficult issues and problems.

7-8 one hour sessions are required for holistic transformation.

How will you benefit as a coachee 
Many a times we are aware of our limitations but we simply ignore them and continue thinking and behaving in a particular manner as we have programmed ourselves that way over the years.

Taking coaching sessions will benefit, as a flash of light is routed on the path of different subtle behavioural pattern or thinking, which require an awareness and alignment by a coachee and resolving them, which is facilitated by the coach.

Benefit of signing up
*Releasing a baggage of emotions and attitudes.
*Guidance to Loving and Nurture Own self
*Power lies Within You and not the situation – understand this truth, believe it and live it.
*Clarity about many things.
(Once a client called disturbed over a strained relationship. By coaching and understanding perspective of others and giving benefit of the doubt to others usually helps, was the learning my client gained from the session. At the end of the session she felt light, clear of what she needs to do and was happy.)

My Brief profile
An avid reader with a passion for writing, my purpose in life is to seek freedom and help others find theirs. With a decade worth of experience in marketing and almost two decades of counselling which comes instinctively, coaching has further facilitated me in my endeavour to help people heal their lives for a happy being.

I am a practising InnerMost Shift with Best Life NLP Tools and an NLP Practioner from Alpha Star Academy, certified by Richard Bandler.

I am a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner from Sangeeta Dasgupta (Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner by Charles and Doreen Virtue)

A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, I have learnt the philosophy, art and science of yoga on the journey of self realisation.

My book titled “25 Essentials To Happy Living” in the body, mind and soul genre – Wellness was launched at the 5th Pune International Literary Festival held in September 2017. I have also written various inspirational and spiritual articles on different social media platforms. I also maintain a YouTube page where I regularly share my videos on Wellness.


Preeti Pathak

Coaching Fee: INR 5000 per hour 

Health & Wellness, Relationship Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner