Healthy Relation, Happy Life

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Healthy Relation, Happy Life 
Discover your Passion and Vision of Life
Investment – 12 Sessions worth INR
 42000 per Participant

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

This is a 12 session program spread over 3 months.
For all those, who feel they are living a dead relationship. Or have lost zeal in their relationships. Also for those who find it difficult to balance personal and professional relations and lose on opportunities to grow ahead. It works on the basis that we all have different perspective towards things, and for healthy relationship we need to accept each other with their view point and yet not compromising with your own values.

The program also works on work life balance to help you lead a stress free and happy life so that you can spend time with your loved ones.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Ms Nidhi Aggarwal, age 31, was struggling in her married life. Too much to handle, work, husband and family. Due to which she was losing her interest in the relationship, her job and her own life. Her stress levels and anxieties were at the peak.

Through InnerMost Shift coaching, she discovered a different perspective towards her married life. She could also stop negative dialogue and raise self image that made her strike right work life balance.
She now has control over her anxieties also understands what is important to her and leads a happy married life.

How do I, as a coach work
As a InneMost Shift Coach I:

  1. Use Well-structured BestLife NLP Coaching Tools
  2. Apply InnerMost Shift coaching model for step by step approach
  3. The model of coaching allows you to find another perspective towards situations.
  4. Elicit inner knowing and self awareness
  5. Balances work and life
  6. Reframe mental images, dialogue and shift feelings
  7. Use IC PROBE GAP-I framework
  8. Identify Priorities, Constraints, Obstacles, Resistance, Barriers and GAPS
  9. Experiment with IMSC Tools and Explore to Evolve Options
  10. Set Goals, Actions and Parameters to track Progress

How will you benefit as a coachee

  1. Live healthy relationship
  2. Control anxieties, temperaments and anger
  3. Uncover the path to happy living
  4. Build cordial relations for better team work
  5. Letting go the limitations and perceptions
  6. Gain mental clarity and peace

Benefit of signing up
“Healthy Relation, Happy Life” adds love and zeal in your relationships to help you lead a stress free relationships

My Brief profile
Ruchi is known as a Happy Life Coach amongst her clients. She has worked with clients who are in stuck or unclear state of mind or are stressed and anxious about their life and helped them achieve a happier state of being.
With over 12 years of experience in areas like mentoring, coaching, counselling, NLP & healing she has worked in areas like – Career/ professional development, Relationship, Health and Mind Development, Stress Management or Identifying Passions for Self Development.


Ruchi Goel 

Coaching Fee: INR 7000 per hour 

Life, Relationship, Business Coach

Certified InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified ICF (ACC) Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner