Make Winning a Habit

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Making winning a habit

“ INR : 50,000/- for full package of 12 sessions.
Or else INR.5000/- per session.

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global


This programme is designed to help executives, businessmen to excel in leadership position and also in business. As the saying goes “If you keep doing the same thing the result will be the same. If you do things differently the result too will be different.” Many of the executives and businessmen have the experience and are comfortable doing what they know. A saturation comes in their growth as well as organizational growth, that’s where they need to look at what they can do differently, evolves new strategies, acquire skills and competencies. This program helps them to look at these aspects and help them to realign and reinvent the hidden and untapped potential they have to make the impactful difference and achieve breakthrough performance.

It’s a programme consisting of XII sessions spread across 12 months. Each session will be of 1 hour to 1 and half hour. Through the process of awareness, the client is taken on journey of self-discovery to bring in awareness the present state, aspirations and values. Basis the aspirations the Vision and Mission is formed with passion from within and client feels very inspired about it. The Vision is also aligned with the values/ core/essence of living. Once the clients finds and understands the meaning and purpose, then he/she is further taken on the journey of fulfilling aspirations by generating strengths, resources from within. Through the process of realization, skills, behavioural and technical competencies are taken up for further building up to excel. The realignment and reinvention is done in various sessions to achieve breakthrough performance and make a distinct mark in the organization/business field. Client is tested through various tools to bring in awareness the resources within and supplementary skills and competencies required.

I also track and monitor the progress thru measurable metrics for you to see the visible and tangible results.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: “With all the sincerity and dedicated efforts put in were not giving the desired result to me. Performance was getting affected, as a result, my growth and credential as effective leader too were hampered. That’s where sessions with Ganesh Kolambakar helped and I could see things differently … The new approach and strategies have given me renewed confidence and zeal to make the difference and now optimistically looking forward for impactful results which is a matter of time…”

Client 2: “Metaphors and success stories told to me as examples during coaching sessions by Ganesh Sir had a great inspirational impact on me. I could really reinvent and re-launch myself…Now I can look forward for better turnaround of things and excellent results…”

Client 3: “I never knew that all of us have window of unexplored potential. I could realize it and also could see many unique aspects of my personality. Today I know how to balance my life the best way that I can and yet not compromise on performance of my business.”

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
18 years of Textile business has given Satish a good financial stability and security. He could also diversify and get into other businesses. While other ventures were new and would take some years to stabilize and generate desired profits, his textile business was his main bread and butter. The Textile business although was doing well at a stagnated pace, it was not really progressing further as it used to be in the past. In fact there were times when business would start dipping down in terms of turnover. He was unable to comprehend this phenomenon, as he was putting in the same efforts and also doing the same things which he used to do earlier when business was doing well. He was wondering as to why then things were not working now and why business was not really growing beyond historical levels.

By bringing many things into his awareness, he has now greater clarity on what was lacking in terms of his strengths and efforts. He realized that he needs to do things differently rather than continuing to do things same way as he used to do. He got the new perspectives and could look at various other dimensions. H could now form new strategies and today he is operating with a new resolve to make a difference.

This all happened through internal journey and by understanding the potential and resources within which were never realized by him till he underwent coaching sessions. The techniques and models used helped him form a new resolve to start the journey to achieve breakthrough performance through renewed confidence and energy.

How do I, as a coach work
• Client is made to go thru a process of reflecting upon the present state. The client is made to understand as to why he/she does not want the present state the way it is and what’s the desired state he/she wishes to achieve on personal/professional front.
• The gap between present state and desired state is bridged by helping the client to put in place the process to achieve the desired state
• Client is made to understand the limiting beliefs and how they can be banished to form new beliefs as our responses, behaviours and strategies are based on our beliefs.
• The techniques and models used make the client aware of a hidden and untapped potential within and tap it for excelling it and for creating distinct and unique identity.
• It helps client to become a whole person by bringing to the fore positive traits and by building upon them further.
• The clients is made aware of skills, technical and behaviourial competencies required that he/she can further build upon them.
• Client is clear and brings in clarity to what needs to be done and puts in strategies and generates resources to achieve breakthrough performance.

How will you benefit as a coachee 
• Coachee would look at window of unexplored potential within, which he/she never looked at earlier and discover new perspectives and form new resolve.
• The realization of new me within would help the client to reset the life and take it on different mode of achieving desired outcome by reinventing.
• Client walks with new/renewed confidence and conviction to excel and achieve breakthrough performance.
• Newly discovered strengths, resources, enthusiasm, passion and energy within gives him/her tremendous confidence to face challenges.
• I Use Well-structured Best Life NLP Coaching Tools and also Use IC PROBE GAP-I framework
• I also use the best and established training tools to build upon the skills and competencies required.
• The training models help the client to identify the technical and behavioural competencies required to excel as a Leader and achieve breakthrough performance.

Benefit of signing up
Experience and expertise as a proven leader in Corporate (HPCL) who has handled and lead many teams, mentored and coached them.
My networking has helped me to connect to people from various strata and various parts of the country and can be of immense help to balance life and relationships. Benefit of signing me as Coach is as I have vast organizational work of being leader who has handled many teams and aware of internal & external conflicts, motivational and relationship issues. I am aware and can relate to challenges of self-growth and excelling in life.

My Brief profile
• I am based at Mumbai & Pune and can handle clients from both cities.
• Experience and expertise as a proven leader in Corporate (HPCL) who has handled/lead many teams, mentored and coached them
• Also a Trainer – I have an experience and expertise of conduction of workshop on leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Management.
• My mentoring has helped many and they are doing extremely well in life.
• I have undergone many behavioral/technical training programs at HP MDI Pune, St.Xaviers College, Mumbai, IIM Ahmedabad etc.
• NLP and training models that I use immensely help the client.


Ganesh P Kolambakar

Coaching Fee: INR 5000 per hour 

Personal, Executive and Leadership Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner