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On My Way! 
Get clarity of your goals, ambitions and begin to pursue them!

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

This is a 6 sessions coaching program designed to help you get clarity about your goals and set them appropriately. Whether you are feeling under confident about your goals or you have absolutely no idea about what goal to set or you might be someone with a big ambition but want to know how to take steps to reach there. This program is for anyone and everyone who wants to make his own way and achieve every ambition he has in life. students, professionals, enthusiasts this program will help everyone!
A systematically designed 6 sessions weekly/fortnightly program will help you to realise about the steps you need to take for your chosen path. This will help you have excellent clarity about your goals. And you will be surely able to see the end results after you do the innermost changes that you become aware of in this coaching session.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
AditiKamat is a software engineer working with a software-based start-up since the last 6 months. Ever since her childhood Aditi has been outstanding in studies and extra-curricular activities. Being a single parent child she has devoted herself to fulfilling wishes of her mother. As she grew in age her mother’s expectations from her also grew. Although the field of arts and music has always enjoyed a special place in her heart but because of the family circumstances she was forced to pursue engineering.

She has completed her engineering 3 years back and since then has switched 5 companies. The main reason she associated to her changing jobs was that she was not clear with what she wanted to do with her carrier and what goals she had. Despite having immense potential and good academic history to support her she was not able to do justice to herself. She felt as if her life was flowing like water in no particular direction. Amidst all these difficulties and unhappiness she was experiencing because of not having any goal in life she decided to take up coaching that will help in cluttering away the mess that has been created in her mind and have a fresh start towards her goals.

She has been a very sincere person and was determined to take charge of her career and live her dreams by achieving her goals. After she experienced the innermost shift through coaching she first got clarity of her goals that helped her in setting her work targets accordingly. She is now living a very goal-oriented life that’s making her every single day count purposefully. She is now not afraid of setting targets for herself and achieve them.

How do I, as a coach work

  1. Use Well-structured BestLife NLP Coaching Tools
  2. Apply InnerMost Shift coaching model for step by step approach
  3. The model of coaching allows you to get rid of past history.
  4. Elicit identify internal structure of subjective experience.
  5. Reframe mental images, dialogue and shift feelings
  6. Use IC PROBE GAP-I framework
  7. Identify Priorities, Constraints, Obstacles, Resistance, Barriers and GAPS
  8. Experiment with IMSC Tools and Explore to Evolve Options
  9. Set Goals, Actions and Parameters to track Progress

How will you benefit as a coachee

  1. Get clarity about your own thoughts and feelings
  2. A new surge of fresh energy will emerge
  3. Unlock your inner potential and make breakthroughs
  4. Work with elevated life-state
  5. Boost your productivity

Benefit of signing up
Sign up for a 6 session innermost shift program “On My Way” and experience the magic of pursuing your goals and ambitions with increased clarity and confidence.

Your Brief profile
Pooja Mundhada is known amongst her clients for her vibrant and positive attitude to look at things. She very compassionately conducts her coaching sessions and creates awareness in the client about his potential by powerfully asking questions. She is continuously strives to increases the effectiveness of her coaching sessions by taking significant steps.


Pooja Mundhada

Coaching Fee: INR 2000 per hour 

Life, Executive, Student Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner