Live BlameFree ExcuseFree Life 

Never let the two robbers “Blame and Excuses” ransack your dream

Vidya is a successful sales professional, had been among top performers in her organization for almost 10 years. Yet, somewhere within she felt quite stuck.

All her colleagues, friends and family were very proud of her accomplishment, and every time she mentioned of not being satisfied with her job or of changing, she was reminded of all the benefits she is enjoying and how her life was ‘Set’.

Over the time, even in case someone asked her about changing her job, or starting something on her own, she simply repeated all the benefits she was enjoying in her current job and how she was a top performer.

What a sea change it was in her life, once she contacted AlphaStars looking for a change within herself. With each session with ProsperityCoach Puja, Vidya re-discovered her enthusiasm to do something new, something different. Layer by layer, she let go of the excuses she was holding on to, and also discovered her internal resources to stop blaming others (which she was doing unconsciously, and was not even aware of it).

Vidya, now works in a different organization, handling multiple portfolios and markets. She feels immensely challenged in her new role, and is very happy with the change she is making. What more, her old colleagues, friends and family are even more proud of her.


Back to Life

Freedom from Negative Self Image/Low self -Esteem

Anil Kakkar is back to New Job executive. He left a promising career after 7 yrs. In Dubai to take care of his father, family and kids. As the circumstances kept AK busy and ailing father ultimately left heavenly abode, 2 years passed. Though enough money at his disposal and ancestral heritage granted to his favours, he lost interest in job.

When he decided to re-start his journey back to the corporate career, he suddenly realized that he is no longer zealous, the same vigorous guy who joined international business unit in Dubai, 9 years before.

Going for job interview after such along span, even writing resume or taking a call from the job placement consultant wasn’t easy. His outlook for life, job and taking up corporate role was changed. But that doesn’t mean that his desire and attitude towards living a routine work life changed.

He was still aspiring and committed to live the best life. But he often battled between his two minds and fragmented choices as what is right and what is not. Once the InnerMost Shift happened during the coaching sessions, his awareness raised and resourcefulness built up, the ting happened. He could stop negative dialogue and raise self image made him chose right profile. He is now having a promising exciting career and life.



People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point. The glass is refillable.

Neha, as a child, got everything she put her hands on. As she was the only child, her parents really pampered her. She grew up to be a beautiful and intelligent woman, went abroad for her higher studies, did well for herself and got a job with a top notch MNC there. Then she got married to a boy whom she loved but due to certain reasons it ended in a divorce. She came back to India and got an excellent job which she left after few months. This happened 6-7 times. Now she has turned into an absolute introvert and doesn’t want to come out of her room. So a fun loving go getter changed to a quite depressed person.

This was the time when she came for coaching. After few coaching sessions and NLP interventions she slowly started to come out of her shell. After 6 months, she started working again.


‘Win Back Self-Identity’
To repossess self-identity that has been lost to burdens

Mandira is a housewife from Ooty living with her husband and daughter. Her husband has a transferable job and her daughter is in 8th Standard. She has to manage complete household work and her daughter’s everyday tasks herself. Secondly, her mother is unwell and almost bed-ridden and Mandira has to take care of her mother too. Mandira is an avid dancer of modern contemporary dance forms. However, In that process of managing the family, mother and other responsibilities herself she is somewhat lost. When she came to me for a coaching session, her first words to me were ‘I think I lost my identity somewhere that I need to gain back’

After a few sessions of innermost shift coaching, she was glowing, which told clearly that she was re-united with her inner wisdom and identity that she once thought was lost. She could overcome her negative thoughts, dialogs and visualizations and is happy, confident, motivated and strong as she was in her teens (as she told me during coaching sessions). She uses her resources effectively to stand tall with her passion of dancing as well as execute her responsibilities with liveliness.


Connecting With the Self

Power is within you, you just need to reconnect with it.

When Miss Paul came to me ,she was impatient, self doubted ,low self esteem and low self image. Though she was highly qualified, she was unable to perform well because of negative self image.

As we started her sessions, she was becoming more confident and her positive self image was getting developed. Her awareness level towards her actions arises and as a result her performance was getting better. These sessions brought her lots of clarity and also helped her over coming constant fear of losing her job.

After 12 sessions ,she still continued for few more sessions to bring light in other areas of her life.


‘Conquer the fear’

Unshackle from fear and phobia

Sadhika is a successful media professional who was working in a reputed media firm in Delhi. After her marriage she moved to Mumbai and joined another multinational company. In this job she had to deal with kind of public shaming for a very small mistake. She was just three months old in the company and for smallest of mistakes her immediate boss would call a meeting with everyone in the team and would be using words which professional people in corporate culture do not use. They would be rudely asking for explanations of things that could have been easily resolved by merely discussing. She ultimately left the job after 5 months and now is well placed with another multinational. Now the issue she faces is, the fear from her previous job has started affecting her current job.

The fear of making a mistake and its consequence keeps her at the edge and it is affecting her overall performance, her presentation skills, her interaction with her present boss and she is suffering from lack of confidence due to that. Before any meeting, she starts having the fear of the adverse reaction (which actually does not exist in this job) and the whole world collapsing if she could not respond to a query comes to her mind. She came to me for a coaching session and wanted to get rid of a fear that was unwantedly affecting her current job in some areas.

After a few sessions of innermost shift coaching, Sadhika could set herself free from that fear and regain the lost confidence. She bravely handles situations as she is now able to effectively use her inner resources to make herself stronger and deal with the situation as it comes. She even received best employee of the month award for November 2016.


Lead your life on your own terms and write your own success story!
It is about handling the uncertainties of life and trying to be happy at all times!

Riyaa (name changed) was facing regular problems of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and trust from family despite all the efforts she was putting in to keep all the members of the joint family happy.

After her husband’s untimely death, she would be under tremendous pressure as the sole earning member of the family, to cater to the requirements of her ageing parent in-laws and growing children. Her life revolved around slogging in an IT firm from Morning to evening and coming back home to balance the home chores and family demands.
She wanted to come out of this impending physical and mental burnout staring at her face.

After listening to her situation, I helped her to connect to her Inner knowingness and helped her understand that it was her love for music and her happy go lucky attitude that had helped her reach to the position she had achieved in life and she was at her best when she did not let the situations impact her. I coached her to reach this state of mental balance and happiness whenever she wanted I also helped her to set SMART Goals in her professional and personal lives so that she can maintain a proper work-life balance.


Release mental and emotional hidden blockages/barriers to unleash your infinite potential

Dr. Praneet left his job with a hospital to set up his own practice and sell himself as a brand. To him it sounded interesting, more of an adventurous trip. He wanted to excel in his personal and professional life. However ever since he started up with his own setup whatever he had thought or dreamt of was still a dream. He still wasn’t able to actually see it coming through.

It had been 7 odd months of no major breakthrough. He had started doubting his decision of opening up the clinic which in turn was making him dissatisfied with his professional life and which, in turn, affected his personal life as well. Praneet thinks that financial security is very important to lead a happy fulfilling life which is possible only if he gets the patients on a regular basis. But it wasn’t happening consistently. There were days when he didn’t have any patients at all. He said this made him irritable and an introvert who stopped mixing around with people.

This was the time when he decided to come for coaching. Innermost shift coaching and few NLP interventions had the potential to help him take his feelings of fear, procrastination, self-doubt, low self-esteem and turn them into rocket fuel for real, tangible success in his life. Within a year he is the proud owner of two clinics (one he is sharing with a friend).



Get clarity of your goals, ambitions and begin to pursue them!

Aditi Kamat is a software engineer working with a software-based start-up since the last 6 months. Ever since her childhood Aditi has been outstanding in studies and extra-curricular activities. Being a single parent child she has devoted herself to fulfilling wishes of her mother. As she grew in age her mother’s expectations from her also grew. Although the field of arts and music has always enjoyed a special place in her heart but because of the family circumstances she was forced to pursue engineering.

She has completed her engineering 3 years back and since then has switched 5 companies. The main reason she associated to her changing jobs was that she was not clear with what she wanted to do with her carrier and what goals she had. Despite having immense potential and good academic history to support her she was not able to do justice to herself. She felt as if her life was flowing like water in no particular direction. Amidst all these difficulties and unhappiness she was experiencing because of not having any goal in life she decided to take up coaching that will help in cluttering away the mess that has been created in her mind and have a fresh start towards her goals.

She has been a very sincere person and was determined to take charge of her career and live her dreams by achieving her goals. After she experienced the innermost shift through coaching she first got clarity of her goals that helped her in setting her work targets accordingly. She is now living a very goal-oriented life that’s making her every single day count purposefully. She is now not afraid of setting targets for herself and achieve them.


Your Life, Your Choice

Discover your Passion and Vision of Life

Ms Bhartti, age 54, lives a life as a normal housewife taking care of her 2 daughters, currently settled abroad and a not a so loving husband who travelled for about 25 days un a month.
She is a well qualified teacher, but did not work due to family responsibilities.
Also a trained tarot card reader and a numerologist. She wished to successfully utilize her time, rather than passing time by going for shopping and get-togethers.

She was helpful and also a good listener by nature, but did not know what she is good at and what she can do better. With her aspiration and desire to find some meaning and purpose to her life, she started undergoing Innermost Shift Coaching.

Within few sessions she realised her passion for long lost love for paintings. She started to paint, and also over the period of time she could not discover the message she wants to give through her paintings.
She also got the strength and confidence to take her numerology sessions to a different height. Her self image and self perception took a 360 degree turn.
Even today, she is contemplating more of the skills she possess and through coaching she is able to redefine and rediscover what she wishes to do in life, to make it purposeful.


Healthy Relation, Happy Life
Discover your Passion and Vision of Life

Ms NidhiAggarwal, age 31, was struggling in her married life. Too much to handle, work, husband and family. Due to which she was losing her interest in the relationship, her job and her own life. Her stress levels and anxieties were at the peak.

Through InnerMost Shift coaching, she discovered a different perspective towards her married life. She could also stop negative dialogue and raise self imagethat made her strike right work life balance.

She now has control over her anxieties also understands what is important to her and leads a happy married life.


Life on Track

Freedom from Unproductive Career/Low Self-Esteem

Nishant Samant is four years old in an IT company and works as a Senior Programmer Analyst. A confident and enthusiastic NS liked his profile and used to enjoy his work earlier. However, with time, he started finding it monotonous and wanted to switch to another company that might offer him a more challenging profile, but was not sure of what exactly he wanted out of it. The stagnant office work made his personal life stressful too, making him feel lost altogether.

Having a decent work experience, he knew that he could grab the new job opportunity anytime easily, but there was something that was missing. The confidence and enthusiasm were replaced by confusion and low self esteem. But, NS wanted his productivity back.

Once the InnerMost Shift happened during the coaching sessions, his awareness raised and resourcefulness built up, he realized that he needs to get a goal clarity and motivation to have a productive career. He could develop new qualities that helped him in achieving his work-life balance.


Invest in Relations
Fight Low self-esteem/Relationship downturns/Anxiety

Amrita Jhawar is a mother to a 16 years old Khushi, whom she finds very rebellious, rude and unruly. Ever since Khushi was born, AJ always fulfilled all her demands, irrespective of it being necessary or not. Whereas when Khushi back answered AJ now, she found it difficult to improve her communication with her teenage daughter and ended up in frequent fights.

AJ made lots of attempts to make her daughter understand the situation. But one loud comment from Khushi and AJ would lose her cool and eventually give up. This often de-motivated AJ, but she was still aspiring to bring a change.

Once the InnerMost Shift happened during the coaching sessions, her awareness raised and resourcefulness built up, she realized that she needs to change her perspective and develop some new qualities in order to change the rapport with Khushi. She could stop negative dialogue and make the relationship with her daughter healthy. She now leads a happy life.



Create a Complete Work- Life Balance

Vineeta Srivastav from Sydney, Australia was leading a life juggling between her high tension job in a leading MNC and looking after her home where she lived with her husband and 4 year old daughter. She was a high achiever in her job but it gave little time for her to pursue her hobbies. At home she was constantly running to get the groceries for home, cook, wash and looking to the needs of the family .She never knew when her mind gave up and body followed the route to a very rare disease who no one knows the cure of. She was diagnosed of Granulomatous Mastitis (Rare Cell –auto Immune disease) .

She tried everything for 8-9 months and gone through different surgeries, steroids and many antibiotics but with no results. She was treated in Sydney Cancer Centre all throughout. Even Dean of the cancer centre could not cure her condition. Finally, before getting mastectomy done, she decided to go to India to visit any Doctor who might know the cure of GM .

On recommendation of her family she got in touch with Sangeeta Dasgupta- who is a Life Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She was aware of these Life Enhancing ways however never believed fully. However she had no other option but try and her whole life changed completely. The unbelievable outcome happened.

Her condition magically improved. Doctors in Sydney were shocked to see her ultrasound reports after the treatment for 5 months. There was a significant change in her GM condition and it healed from the root cause. A Holistic approach healed her mind, body and soul. She realised that her inner blockage of emotions, guilt, anger and the stress of life has come out on my body.

She took a new leap in Life. She continued with the phone and Skype sessions and kept a track of the action plans advised in Coaching . She got a Wonderful Job and the strength to manage her Work and family again. The Innermost Shift helped her balance her life. She now enjoys life, goes on holidays , party’s with family and friends in the weekends, pursues her hobbies getting the high achiever acknowledgement in her organisation.


“AIM” – Accomplishment is Magnetic
Create and manifest your Vision for Life.

Vishal was a zealous corporate professional in a leading Multinational with an AIM in life to make it BIG but his monotonous work profile and long hours made him feel low. He had big plans for his Life both in personal and professional arenas but he felt blocks in moving ahead. His energy was getting low day after day and inner resistance was growing but he still had a spark of hope left .

When he approached for the coaching session he was very willing to change for the better and achieve his dreams.

This coaching program with BestLife NLP tools helped him find the barriers , explore options ,make best use of opportunities and unfold his true potential by finding the solutions from within .The Innershift happened in one of the sessions as an “AHA “moment and gave him a fresh lease of life by making him a happy soul .

Now he says that we all have adversities in our life because we are humans but we have to learn it ourselves and achieve our Vision for Life.

He is now leading a fulfilling life promoted as an Account Director with constant appraisals. He now plays golf, goes to the Gym, goes on adventure trips, laughs, shares and lives his life to the fullest.


To help parent tap resources within them to be a Efficient, Effective & Excellent Parent

Finding stress and trauma becoming a barrier to properly bring up her two small children (14 years and other 8years). We have had series of coaching sessions.

1st series of coaching we focussed on her being happy for no damn reason. as the coaching was going on helped her overcome the trauma of losing her husband as we were helping her to the happiness element with in her. we had 4 sessions in which we did this work over a period of one month.

After 2 months client came back:
• Had gone for a holiday for the first time taking them alone
• she held a birthday party for her son
• they did fun things together
• started having story sessions with them
• effectively dealt with a souring relationship between her children and their relatives


How Can You Be The Best You Can Be?
“Decide the theme based on your need: what you want to achieve, what do you want to overcome?”

Kannan is an engineer, worked in an MNC in a responsible position for more than 10 years. Married and having a kid. One fine day he resigned the job which was a shock to the management and to his boss. Any how he convinced them to relieve him, as he got an offer from abroad. He took this bold step because of his financial commitments. He joined the company in new role & with hefty package.

In a month’s time he got the shocking news that his employment contract along with few others from India got terminated with immediate effect because of some legal issues. No time to rethink what to do, because company has sent them back with the return air tickets immediately.

For almost a month, he couldn’t come out of this shock. He started feeling bad about his decisions and didn’t go out anywhere, but staying in home. Feeling bored and getting frustrated, one fine day one of his close friend suggested him to meet the Innermost shift coach. He reluctantly approached. With very high profile, back ground and experience, his confidence was at very low level and lot of negative thoughts started occupying.

With the help of Best Life NLP tools, in the first 2- 3 sessions he came out of his negative approach and guilt feelings. He started taking-up sessions very positively and was extremely open to the coach and coaching approach. At the of end 3 months’ continuous coaching sessions, lot of changes happened and most importantly he is now working in the same old company. Yes, with the InnerMost shift happened he got the confidence to go back to his boss and explained the situation. Fortunately, the position was still vacant and the management decided to take back him.


Empyreal Coaching
“Real – To connect with your Real(Inner) Self”

Teenage students have a lot going in their mind w.r.t. all that they capture from the society and community around as well as an understanding processed and established in their mind internally. An 11th grader client was caught in the vicious circle of cyclic pattern soon began to feel as though she was caught in the web of a spider trying to balance friends, studies, extra curricular activities and home.

Emotional breakdown became a frequent phenomenon and soon she found herself in a victim mode.

She took 3 session to resolve this issue. In the first session she spoke of all the problems, defects and trouble she was experiencing. We made a list of all that what led to her good mood and bad mood. Then the client identified the reason for these moods. It was a big list with several issues to be tackled.

Following IC PROBE framework and IC GAP the teenage client by the third session started getting clarity. Connecting with her Inner Knowingness she realised that she was insecure of being left out by her newly made friends if she didn’t meet them everyday or whenever they called. Fatigue and academic stress getting build led to a domino effect with ripples on other areas of her life.

Anchoring her with her Aha moment brought back a smile on the face of this young adult.


Be in Control of Your Life
“Be the Architect of my Life”

Neeta is an adult of 32 years who tried many things but her career in Interior Designing was yet to take off in terms of settling down with enough money. Career of choice was not taking off. Repeated failures had given the dent to her confidence. There were also clarity issues as to whether to continue to do the same thing or think of some other options. The concerns were causing internal disturbance leading to high stress and depression.

Relationships was also an issue. While there were people who had the confidence in her and they felt that she could do, there were also some whose comments and taunting behind the back, which she was subjected to, made her feel humiliated and hurt. She was desperate and felt depressed. She was really needed to do something to prove herself and get rid of the disappointing experiences of life. She met me at the place of one our acquaintances, and it turned out to be life changing experience for her.

By bringing many things into her awareness and by aligning her aspirations to her value system, she has now greater clarity as to what she wants to do in life and also knows way to achieve it. While she is aware that things will not happen overnight, the journey she has set upon now gives her confidence and conviction that she would succeed and excel. She can balance and prioritise many things in life.

The renewed confidence and resultant energy within has helped her to multiply her efforts and she also learnt to balance her life. She now no more gets concerned by what other people must be thinking about her. She is focussed and motivated to ensure that her life is shaped & moulded the way she wants.
This all happened through internal journey and by understanding the potential and resources within which were never realized by her till she underwent coaching sessions. The techniques and models used, helped her form a new resolve to excel in life.


Make Winning a Habit

18 years of Textile business has given Satish a good financial stability and security. He could also diversify and get into other businesses. While other ventures were new and would take some years to stabilize and generate desired profits, his textile business was his main bread and butter. The Textile business although was doing well at a stagnated pace, it was not really progressing further as it used to be in the past. In fact there were times when business would start dipping down in terms of turnover. He was unable to comprehend this phenomenon, as he was putting in the same efforts and also doing the same things which he used to do earlier when business was doing well. He was wondering as to why then things were not working now and why business was not really growing beyond historical levels.

By bringing many things into his awareness, he has now greater clarity on what was lacking in terms of his strengths and efforts. He realized that he needs to do things differently rather than continuing to do things same way as he used to do. He got the new perspectives and could look at various other dimensions. H could now form new strategies and today he is operating with a new resolve to make a difference.

This all happened through internal journey and by understanding the potential and resources within which were never realized by him till he underwent coaching sessions. The techniques and models used helped him form a new resolve to start the journey to achieve breakthrough performance through renewed confidence and energy.