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Parenting Stars 
To help parents tap resources within them to be an efficient, effective & excellent parent


I will help you tap 3 E’S

  1. Efficiency: will help you to develop an all time pleasant happy approach to life, this will help you to connect to your childs world. therefore increases the efficiency as a parent.
  2. Effectiveness: First thing that a parent needs to be effective is effective communication. we will help you to improve the communication with your child not just to understand his world but also to help him tune into yours
  3. Excellence: A parent who overcome his limitations will help to lead a child to establish new achievements. we will help you to overcome your limitations to hinder yours and your child excellency to manifest

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1:Tanu khakh wife of SSP rural Amritsar
In my endeavour to be a more effective home maker today i am a changed person altogether. i as a parent am much more responsible making effective and efficient changes in my lfe

Client 2:Evergreen publications (publishing cbse books)
Ronita chopra director evergreen
I would rate my experience of coaching at our multimedia department with anjleen par excellence
Our staff was made to understand the needs of a child and to understand their world .
We achieved unexpected productivity in a matter of three months, the level of creativity increased many fold which brought freshness to the study material designed in out multimedia department.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Client single mother
Finding stress and trauma becoming a barrier to properly bring up her two small children (1 4 years and other 8years)
We have had series of coaching sessions
1st series of coaching we focussed on her being happy for no damn reason. as the coaching was going on helped her overcome the trauma of losing her husband as we were helping her to the happiness element with in her. we had 4 sessions in which we did this work over a period of one month.

After 2 months client came back:

  • Had gone for a holiday for the first time taking them alone
  • She held a birthday party for her son
  • They did fun things together
  • Started having story sessions with them
  • Effectively dealt with a souring relationship between her children and their relatives

How do I, as a coach work?

  • As a coach my client is the parent but the beauty is our work will benefit not just the parent but also the child.
  • In my coaching, the true benefiter is the child I work towards that
  • As a coach I work with complete integrity to the 11 competencies of ICF
  • I use the best life practices
  • I am well trained as NLP master to use the tools in my coaching
  • Of course complete confidentiality is maintained
  • Anybody seeking my expertise can fix an appointment i routinely take sessions at divine healing mandala Jalandhar and occasionally travel to Delhi to take sessions

How will you benefit as a coachee?

As a coachee you will be a happier parent. Your Efficiency, Effectivity and Excellence will expand many fold. Your family will discover the happiness we all look for of course with better relations with better resources they will also have positive impact on your career.

Benefit of signing up
Creating a Loving, Happy, Prosperous, Successful family are some off the outcomes of you signing for this coaching programme.
And of course see your children blossom to new heights beautifully against the challenging strides they are faced with..

My Brief profile
I am Anjleen Uppal, in the field of metaphysical sciences since 1997, having earned
Reiki Mastership with William Lee Rand, USA
Fengshui Mastership with Lilian Too, Malaysia
Pranic Healer and Instructor till 2013
Clinical Hypnotheraspist and level 1 trainer
NLP mastership from NLP, Canada
Ultimately settled to be a full time innermost coach trained with ICF with best life practices
I run divine healing mandala, a healing center in Jalandhar where we cater to people from all walks of life be it corporates, patients, students or home makers


Anjleen Kaur Uppal

Coaching Fee: INR 10000 per hour 
Spiritual, Life, Celebrity Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner