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People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point. The glass is refillable.

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

We are not saddened by situations as much as we are sad that it did not go according to our ‘plan’. We have a plan for each and every stage of our life. We perceive life to be wonderful only if it goes according our plan. There are some, for whom, everything does go exactly according to the plan but they are still not as happy as they had thought they would be. Change your ‘WHAT IFs’ to ‘OH WELLs’ with me.

This coaching program will help you

  • To improve your low self esteem,
  • Solve your relationship problems both personal as well as professional,
  • Overcome your obsessions,
  • To deal with rejection, how to face failures.
  • Change paranoia and anxiety to confidence.
  • To realize what does not serve and support your biggest goal and dreams.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Neha, as a child, got everything she put her hands on. As she was the only child, her parents really pampered her. She grew up to be a beautiful and intelligent woman, went abroad for her higher studies, did well for herself and got a job with a top notch MNC there. Then she got married to a boy whom she loved but due to certain reasons it ended in a divorce. She came back to India and got an excellent job which she left after few months. This happened 6-7 times. Now she has turned into an absolute introvert and doesn’t want to come out of her room. So a fun loving go getter changed to a quite depressed person.
This was the time when she came for coaching. After few coaching sessions and NLP interventions she slowly started to come out of her shell. After 6 months, she started working again.

How do I, as a coach work

  • To achieve the desired state of the client by changing their perspective regarding their problems.

STRATEGY: With the use of POWER and IC PROBE GAP, I will

  • Help my clients to learn about their present state.
  • Help the client to release past painful memories
  • As a facilitator, help them to see the same situation from different perspectives.
  • Help to get them into resourceful (positive) state of mind.
  • Help them to discover solutions to their problems and to explore different possibilities.
  • Become a brainstorming partner if my coachee gets stuck.
  • Help to convert the coaching discussion into a decision.
  • Help to make a workable action plan to achieve the SMART goals.
  • Assess the client’s commitment and accountability.
  • Set parameters to track Progress.


  • Concrete results as per what was desired by the client.

How will you benefit as a coachee

  • Take right decisions and get the desired result
  • Improve your performance in personal as well as professional areas
  • Identify and release your limiting beliefs, negative stories, barriers, excuses, guilt.
  • Identify internal structure of subjective experience


  • Learn to think differently. It will help them to take away the lens of I can’t and put the lens of I can, I must, I will.
  • Raise client’s awareness about his/her infinite potential.
  • Make them resourceful, motivated, and full of life and zeal.
  • Change the blueprint of your mind

Benefit of signing up
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change



Kamaljit Dhillon 

Coaching Fee: INR 5000 per hour 
Executive, Performance, Life Coach

Certified InnerMost Shift Coach
+ NLP Practitioner