Win Back Self-Identity

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‘Win Back Self-Identity’
“Repossess self-identity that has been lost to burdens”
Investment – 4 Sessions INR 24000
20000 per Participant

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

Along my coaching journey, I have received cases where my clients, especially housewives have lost their identity to their responsibility for family (including spouse, children), other extended families, social responsibilities etc. etc. They are lost into the mundane day-to-day work and may have lost touch with their most treasured passions, hobbies, art forms and other activities. I partner with my clients to raise their awareness about themselves, who they are and what they are here for. As a coach, I help them realize through their inner knowingness that holding responsibilities do not mean they lose their identity. They can stand as graceful as who they are with their passion and execute their responsibilities too aptly.

I take one issue at a time in each life coaching session and assist them to overcome the feeling of identity-loss thereby helping them becoming stronger, insightful, organized and handle similar situations easily and appropriately.

Rating & Recommendation
Client 1: Very helpful indeed…. I was much relieved…ur each session was Very much focussed..and Personalized……. I had done two sessions with u … One for me and one for my daughter….. Both were fruitful.. Thanks a lot..

Client 2: I almost thought I lost my self-conscience and that is the time when Factorize came to my rescue. Thank you so much. Yes indeed the session was very helpful, to the point and very fun to complete. It wasn’t a boring college lecture type but a fun exercise to learn and get through the issue. Every guidance by you led me to success got me myself back

A Case of Study- Detailed Description

Mandira is a housewife from Ooty living with her husband and daughter. Her husband has a transferable job and her daughter is in 8th Standard. She has to manage complete household work and her daughter’s everyday tasks herself. Secondly, her mother is unwell and almost bed-ridden and Mandira has to take care of her mother too. Mandira is an avid dancer of modern contemporary dance forms. However, In that process of managing the family, mother and other responsibilities herself she is somewhat lost. When she came to me for a coaching session, her first words to me were ‘I think I lost my identity somewhere that I need to gain back’

After a few sessions of innermost shift coaching, she was glowing, which told clearly that she was re-united with her inner wisdom and identity that she once thought was lost. She could overcome her negative thoughts, dialogs and visualizations and is happy, confident, motivated and strong as she was in her teens (as she told me during coaching sessions). She uses her resources effectively to stand tall with her passion of dancing as well as execute her responsibilities with liveliness.

How do I, as a coach work

  1. Use ICF Guidelines while coaching
  2. Understand clients world of thoughts by actively listening to the clients narration and clarifying things if not understood
  3. Employ IC-PROBE GAP coaching Framework to identify constraints, obstacles, barriers, resistances, resources, beliefs, priorities, goals, parameters etc.
  4. Use effective and well-designed Best-Life NLP tools to elicit meta programs, beliefs, values etc.
  5. Employ Innermost Shift coaching model for raising inner awareness and for optimum outcome
  6. These tools, techniques and frameworks help client to remove negative visualizations, feelings and auditory experiences (dialogues) effectively and replace those with happy experiences that last forever
  7. Use IMSC Tools to Explore Options and overcome the past behaviour and generate new behaviour
  8. Integrate the new behaviour into client’s inner self (unconscious)
  9. Assess the new behaviour, resourcefulness, positive changes by future pacing the client
  10. Evaluate the future opportunities, benefits that the client can foresee
  11. Set Goals, Actions and Parameters to track Progress
  12. Assess Commitment level for goal setting and action plans
  13. Request session feedback

How will you benefit as a coachee

  1. Become stronger through inner-knowingness
  2. Let go of the negative feeling, dialogs and memories of ‘identity-loss’
  3. Regain self-Identity
  4. Learn to deal with every situation gracefully and aptly
  5. Become insightful
  6. Regain confidence, happiness and motivation

Benefit of signing up
Sign up for 4 sessions of ‘Win Back Self-Identity’ coaching sessions to re-discover yourself

My Brief profile
Ruma Chakravarty considers her to be a ‘bird’ from inside who loves to think unconventionally and would go to any length to assist the client to obtain optimum outcome. She has a natural inclination to listen to and comprehend clients’ narrations. She would ask relevant and powerful questions to help her clients become aware of what they actually desire and what their goal is. She has been mentored to take up professional coaching certification and she is Zealous about her coaching. Ruma is an Executive/ Life and Student coach and she works with top to middle executives, individuals and students to assist them in their journey of inner wisdom


Ruma Chakravarty 

Coaching Fee: INR 6000 per hour 

Executive, Life, Student Coach

Trained as InnerMost Shift Coach
+ NLP Practitioner