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Work on the Inner Game, to change the Outer Game
Release mental and emotional hidden blockages/barriers to unleash your infinite potential

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

The more you actively choose to first acknowledge and then calmly be aware of your limiting beliefs , negative stories, excuses, guilt… the easier it is to release mental and emotional blockages that are subconsciously holding you back from achieving your most amazing potential. If you don’t clear your blockages, chances are that you will continue to limit yourself and the potential you have. You are going to cripple your ability to reach your goal. This coaching program will help you to improve your focus, your performance, decision making and will also help in lowering stress. This will help you in achieving more of what you ever wanted and you will release what does not serve and support your biggest goal and dreams.

A Case of Study- Detailed Description

Dr. Praneet left his job with a hospital to set up his own practice and sell himself as a brand. To him it sounded interesting, more of an adventurous trip. He wanted to excel in his personal and professional life. However ever since he started up with his own setup whatever he had thought or dreamt of was still a dream. He still wasn’t able to actually see it coming through. It had been 7 odd months of no major breakthrough. He had started doubting his decision of opening up the clinic which in turn was making him dissatisfied with his professional life and which, in turn, affected his personal life as well. Praneet thinks that financial security is very important to lead a happy fulfilling life which is possible only if he gets the patients on a regular basis. But it wasn’t happening consistently. There were days when he didn’t have any patients at all. He said this made him irritable and an introvert who stopped mixing around with people.
This was the time when he decided to come for coaching. Innermost shift coaching and few NLP interventions had the potential to help him take his feelings of fear, procrastination, self-doubt, low self-esteem and turn them into rocket fuel for real, tangible success in his life. Within a year he is the proud owner of two clinics (one he is sharing with a friend).

How do I, as a coach work

  • To achieve the desired state of the client by getting them aware of their inner resources and making a plan of action to use them.

STRATEGY : With the use of POWER and IC PROBE GAP, I will

  • Help my clients to learn about their present state.
  • Help the client to release mental and emotional hidden blockages
  • As a facilitator, help them to discover their hidden resources.
  • Help to get them into resourceful (positive) state of mind.
  • Help them to discover solutions to their problems and to explore different possibilities.
  • Become a brainstorming partner if my coachee gets stuck.
  • Help to convert the coaching discussion into a decision.
  • Help to make a workable action plan to achieve the SMART goals.
  • Assess the client’s commitment and accountability.
  • Set parameters to track Progress.


  • Concrete results as per what was desired by the client.

How will you benefit as a coachee

  • Take right decisions and get the desired result
  • Improve their performance
  • Identify and release their limiting beliefs, negative stories, barriers, excuses, guilt.
  • Identify internal structure of subjective experience


  • Learn to think differently. It will help them to take away the lens of I can’t and put the lens of I can, I must, I will.
  • Help the client to release mental and emotional hidden blockages
  • As a facilitator, help them to discover their hidden resources.

Benefit of signing up
You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop


Kamaljit Dhillon 

Coaching Fee: INR 5000 per hour 

Executive, Performance, Life Coach

Certified InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner