Your Life, Your Choice

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Your Life, Your Choice 
Discover your Passion and Vision of Life
Investment – 8 Sessions INR 24000
30000 per Participant

Session Delivery: Internet/Virtual/Personal
Location: Global

This is a 8 session program spread over 3 months.
For all those, who feel they are living a routine and a mundane life. This program will help them rediscover their passions, and find purpose and vision of life. It works on the ground that we grow with some interests and aspirations, which fade away with time. Through this program we elicit their hidden talents and potentials so that one can live a meaningful life.
Also, the program helps in finding ways for turning their passions into a profession

A Case of Study- Detailed Description
Ms Bhartti, age 54, lives a life as a normal housewife taking care of her 2 daughters, currently settled abroad and a not a so loving husband who travelled for about 25 days un a month.
She is a well qualified teacher, but did not work due to family responsibilities.

Also a trained tarot card reader and a numerologist. She wished to successfully utilize her time, rather than passing time by going for shopping and get-togethers. She was helpful and also a good listener by nature, but did not know what she is good at and what she can do better. With her aspiration and desire to find some meaning and purpose to her life, she started undergoing Innermost Shift Coaching.

Within few sessions she realised her passion for long lost love for paintings. She started to paint, and also over the period of time she could not discover the message she wants to give through her paintings. She also got the strength and confidence to take her numerology sessions to a different height. Her self image and self perception took a 360 degree turn.

Even today, she is contemplating more of the skills she possess and through coaching she is able to redefine and rediscover what she wishes to do in life, to make it purposeful.

How do I, as a coach work? 
As a InneMost Shift Coach I:

  1. Use Well-structured BestLife NLP Coaching Tools
  2. Apply InnerMost Shift coaching model for step by step approach
  3. The model of coaching allows you to discover Hidden potentials.
  4. Elicit inner strength and powers
  5. Reframe mental images, dialogue and shift feelings
  6. Use IC PROBE GAP-I framework
  7. Identify Priorities, Constraints, Obstacles, Resistance, Barriers and GAPS
  8. Experiment with IMSC Tools and Explore to Evolve Options
  9. Set Goals, Actions and Parameters to track Progress

How will you benefit as a coachee?

  1. Discover your passions
  2. Find value, meaning and purpose of your life
  3. Uncover the path to happy living
  4. Build confidence
  5. Letting go the limitations
  6. Gain mental clarity
  7. Improving your productivity

Benefit of signing up
Join our Coaching program ‘Your Life, Your Choice’ and find the way to live the life of your choice.

Your Brief profile
Ruchi is known as a Happy Life Coach amongst her clients. She has worked with clients who are in stuck or unclear state of mind or are stressed and anxious about their life and helped them achieve a happier state of being.
With over 12 years of experience in areas like mentoring, coaching, counselling, NLP & healing she has worked in areas like – Career/ professional development, Relationship, Health and Mind Development, Stress Management or Identifying Passions for Self Development.


Ruchi Goel 

Coaching Fee: INR 7000 per hour 
Life, Relationship, Business Coach

Certified InnerMost Shift Coach
+ Certified ICF (ACC) Coach
+ Certified NLP Practitioner